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Faculty Book Talk: What's Luck Got To Do With It? - Shared screen with speaker view
Clare Pastore
wonderful presentations. I am already looking forward to incorporating many of Ed’s insights into my Poverty Law class. Makes me miss Ed K even more.
Wayne Sandholtz
Thanks for a highly illuminating discussion from all three commentators.
Ariela Gross
Thanks so much for these wonderful discussions. Ed was not only one of the smartest and deepest thinkers I knew, but so deeply motivated to do the right thing and persuade as many of us as possible to do the right thing. This book is an incredible contribution to that end. I agree with Dan’s point. It’s rare that there’s someone who is actually as far to the left - as committed to true equality — as Ed was, to whom decision makers and economic actors and regulators still listened. That was and is very important.
Samuel Erman
Thank you for a wonderful program!